Car Salesman’s Guide To Sales

14 09 2008

Any salesman knows that selling used cars isnt as profitable as it used to be. In the past you could drop out of high school and easily be making $100,000 a year, as long as you had a little personality and could get around moral roadblocks. I once heard a joke about used car salesmen. A parrot is flying around and lands on a rich looking guy.

The story of the parrot

The parrot inquires of the man, What is your IQ? The man answers, 170. The parrot wants to know, How many trials have you won this month? He flies away and finds someone who looks even wealthier. He lands on the shoulder of a woman dripping with diamonds and designer clothes. The parrot asks her, Whats your IQ? She answers, 180.

The parrot wants to know, How many operations have you done this month? The parrot flies off to find someone even wealthier. He spots a man in an expensive Italian suit, surrounded by bodyguards, next to his fancy sports car. Whats your IQ, rich guy? The parrot asks him. The man grins and answers, 80. The parrot has one question for the man: How many cars have you sold this month? Today, however, its rare to meet a salesperson making over $50,000 a year.

Even honest dealers are hurting the unscrupulous salespeople by allowing customers to purchase vehicles and do everything at once from their computer and over the phone. Dealers like Used Cars in Oklahoma are making it harder for high-grossing salespeople to earn their living. 

What can car salespeople do?The Car Salespersonas Greatest Asset it is ironic, but in this age of information where consumers have access to just about everything that the car salesperson knows, there is still one major flaw that can be exploited. There is TOO much information out there! Everything has a spin. A salesperson who really wants to make money will find those websites that help them overcome the intelligent Internet shopper’s objections.


Here are some auto sales training for what a car salesperson you can do:         

1) If they have a trade, go to all of the trade evaluation sites and find the one that has the lowest amount. 

2) If they think you are priced too high, repeat tip one, but look for the highest value instead of the lowest for the car you are selling.

3) Send emails to everyone all the time. People love receiving emails from car salesman. After you send the emails, call them and tell them you sent an email. They love this as well.

4) If the vehicle history reports come up with something negative about the car, provide the customer with articles debunking the history reporting system. Tell them that the systems are never accurate.

5) Even if a Carfax report looks good, consumers are still sometimes doubtful. Assure them that Carfax guarantees 100% accuracy.

6) If they object to the price you quoted, saying that the Internet price was lower, explain that the price was altered by a hacker. If they persist, gently guide them to a different car and circumvent the question altogether.

7) Ask someone to create a website slandering your competition. If you suspect that a customer has visited or will visit your competitor, just give them the URL of the website.

8) Using a fictitious name, post bad things about your competitors to blogs and chatrooms online. If you claim that Dealer A sells lemon cars and Dealer B sells illegal drugs, people will accept it as fact. Most people believe whatever they see on the Internet.

9) Visit a free vehicle classified site and register for an account, then list fictional cars comparable to yours for a much higher price. Print out the ad to show to customers.

10) If they have any other objection having to do with the Internet that isnt covered here, telling them that a virus is responsible for any misinformation should quiet their objections.

So cheer up my corrupted car sales friends. Together we will sway the balance of power back towards the cause of profits and the fabled high life of lore.                         

NOTE:If you are an honest salesperson or a consumer, please disregard everything that you just read. It is written for ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY.

Atten: Car salespeople. Get your free 5 part mini e-course on auto sales training. It’s a must read for car salesman and women in the car business to help you sell more vehicles.

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19 01 2011
srah (13:55:01) :

I love the advice and made a fake website

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